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Welcome to VULPES

VULPES is our VULPine Event System and has been designed by Forfaox for Furry Weekend Holland.

Before registering

Please read the Rules of Conduct, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Legal Form before registering. You'll be asked to confirm you've read these legal documents during the registration process. By doing so you confirm you've read, understood and agree to the Rules of Conduct, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Legal Form. Additionally please read the contents of this page before starting your registration!

How to register

When you access this page from an invite link recieved by email, you will find a button here to start your registration.
If you haven't been to FWH before, or your last attendance was more than 2 editions ago. Then you can request an invite here!



The attendance fee of FWH 2022 starts at 249 EUR and covers everything for the whole weekend
Attendance includes:

FWH offers 2 kinds of room options:


You can add these aditional options to your registration:

 -  Bar card 10 EUR Pre order a barcard along with your registration
 -  Friday Dinner 20 EUR Dinner ticket for Friday 18:00
 -  Early Arrival 40 EUR Start the fun on Thursday
 -  Sponsor 25 EUR Sponsor us with a small donation
 -  Super Sponsor  50 EUR Sponsor us with a larger donation

Early Arrival

Furry Weekend Holland starts Friday, if you wish to extend your stay at Castle the Berckt and arrive on Thursday you can extend your booking by selecting this option.

Sponsor upgrade

If you wish to sponsor FWH with a donation, we have sponsor upgrades available. Some of these packages include (a) gift(s). Sponsor money is used to upgrade the food(BBQ!!!) and drinks budget as well as to help pay towards any items needed for the staff to do their job properly, For example lunch during set up and an extensive first aid kit.

Your donation enables us to make Furry Weekend Holland even better and is much appreciated! 

Diets, Allergies and other things you'd like us to know

You can provide us with additional information during registration. If you have specific needs or requests (e.g. diet), please take care to let us know. Use the provided options in registrations for marking diets and allergies. And please provde details in the comment box if needed. 

Room sharing

Rooms are divided by us manually because of the diversity in rooms on the location plus the ever-changing layout of the location. We of course want to make sure everyone gets roommates they like and get along with, to make it easier on us please use the room sharing request field and fill out the ID of your potential roommate(s).

Please however note the following:


We offer several payment methods to pay your registration fees.

SEPA (Bank Tranfer)
Creditcard Visa, Mastercard, AMEX

We don't charge any additional fees for these payment methods however when possible we do prefer the following methods:

Paying in installments

You can pay your fee in installments, If you pay your first installment before 15th November and your remainder due before 15th January. The first payment must be the base fee of 135 EUR or more, the other installments are flexible. Please pay in 3 parts or less. If you dont pay the remainder due before 15th January, your registration may be cancled. Payments are non-refundable.

Registration review

Once your registration is submitted, it'll be manually reviewed by the registration staff. Once your registration has been reviewed you will recieve login information for the system, with these login credentials you can access and edit your registration information and make payments. So keep these login credentials safe.

Personal data and privacy

Please make sure you fill out your personal information carefully and correctly. Your information may be verified when you check in.

For more information please see our privacy policy.


Contact us at:

We look forward to your registration!